Some useful relationship advice to friends


Some useful relationship advice to friendsWhen it comes to relationships and love affairs, some useful support and advice from close friends and well wishers can help to solve many common problems which one often face. It helps them to determine what to do in such situations.

Importance of good advice:

When you have some relationship issues, the best relationship advice can help to save your relationship or marriage in case you are in deep trouble. When you are ill-advised, everything goes wrong.

Do not go with the advice you have been given only as it was what you wanted to hear. Think whether it is really the right one.

Consider if the advice you have got is biased or not on relationships.  Do not take any advice from someone if that person is engaged more in a gossip regarding your issue or are very keen to express their own opinion.

Some good advice which might help to handle many issues:

1.       Do not discuss personal matters in public – Remember to discuss personal matters in private places only. Do not discuss them in public or before someone who is likely to spread rumors. Find a place which is absolutely private like in a letter or e-mail.

2.       Be a good listener – To help someone in a trouble, you should understand the root of the problem. So first of all be a patient listener. Do not interrupt. If you have any questions ask later on if you really want to help.

3. Control your feelings  Nobody can snatch your feelings from you. They might disagree with you, or argue over matters you think to be right. But if you become upset or angry, remember not to express that you are so.  This will allow you to focus on resolving them.

4.       Share your experiences – By sharing your personal experiences you can help your partner or friend to relate their problems to yours during any fight or disagreements, which can help.

5.       Do not expect anything more than what you give – Remember not to expect anything in life. This is hard to do, but you have to do so. Ask yourself if you are giving what you expect from your ideal mate. You have to be the person whom you expect to date. You should always be the best of yourself possible. If you are not, how can you expect from another person? If you want someone, you need to give that, too. It is a must to do.

6.       Go for new ventures together – Often we do the same things together each time and it becomes boring. Try to change these.  Try some new activities together like going on a holiday. These new situations will help you look into different aspects of each other’s personality.