Steps to remain calm in a stressful situation

Stay calm to control stress

16th May: Are you feeling stressed and want to get rid of this stress at the earliest?

We will discuss some of the steps to help you stay calm and cool even during those stressful times.

We may feel stressed due to some events and may feel there is no way out. But, relax. You can always make efforts to retain your cool in such stressful times.

Let’s see how—

  • One step back—Just take one step back. This can help you analyze the reality of the situation that may be making you stressed.
  • Know that you are stressed—You must be having awareness about your stress. That is, when you feel stressed, you must know it. It will not only help you take one Stay calm to control stressstep back but will also enable you to take control of the situation.
  • Reaction—Stress can be due to avoidable as well as unavoidable circumstances or situations. While avoidable circumstances/situations can be controlled by us, but we don’t have any control over unavoidable situations. Knowing this can help you get better equipped in dealing with such stressful times and take control of the situation effectively.
  • Breathe—Breathing can help in sending a calming message to our brain. So, whenever you feel stressed or face a stressful situation, make sure to resort to deep breathing. That’s because during stress, our breathing becomes quite rapid. But, by exercising deep breathing, we can relax not just our body but(most importantly) our mind too.
  • Pray—Prayer has a soothing effect on our mind and soul. So, whether it’s a mantra or a chant, you need to begin repeating it to seek solace and get peace of mind. It will of great benefit in relieving your stress.
  • Take a mental break—Just squeeze a couple of minutes of peace to bring back your peace of mind. Focus your mind on happy imagery and visualizations. It is a sort of ‘happy place’. By doing this practice, you will feel relaxed both mentally and physically.
  • Learning to stay positive—Remember, everything changes and nothing can be permanent. So, why waste your time by becoming stressed. The need of the hour is to realize that this situation will also change leading to happier times ahead. So, don’t worry, take a deep breathe and smile. Be positive to bring the desired change for better times.