The adverse consequences of an extramarital affair

Adverse consequence of extra-marital affair
Adverse consequence of extra-marital affair

A relationship goes through various pains and pleasures in life. However, one can survive many of them, but there are a few which may not be gulped by the partner.

And one of these is extramarital affair, which does not impact the immediate partner or spouse only but the entire family.

The multiple impacts of extra marital affair

  • Your spouse: It goes without saying that your spouse will be the first one to be affected by such an act. She is the one who trusted you, loved you and stood beside you during all your odd and even days. Today, it is that person who is devastated to see her or his spouse falling for someone else.
  • Your children: All these days, they saw their parents like a “single entity”. They saw you both hugging each other, smiling at each other and this gave them immense confidence to grow as “happy individuals”. Now is the time, when they see their parents withdrawing themselves from each other and moving apart even if they live in the same house, under the same roof. Your children are certainly not getting a happy environment to grow in, and sometimes they understand the reason for this.
  • Your relatives: The close relatives, who always took you and your spouse as a “perfect couple’s” example, now regret doing so. Next time when they see another couple, they would probably think of your dishonesty and the hurt as well as pain you caused to your spouse.
  • Other impacts: When you get into an extramarital relationship, you are actually more and more expenditure for yourself. You have to meet the basic responsibilities you have been; now you are to meet the “tantrums” of your new boyfriend or girlfriend you have made.

The ill feelings generated all around:

An extra marital affair does not end with one episode or two. Even if you are out of it, it remains with you for a long time. There are number of ill feelings generated around you, some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Distrust: It would be difficult for your spouse, children and even the close relatives to trust you the way they did before.
  • Hatred: You have to get prepared to face a strong hatred which could be either “vocal” or through “enactment” coming your way. Your people would hate you because you cheated their trust and love which they poured on you.
  • Uncongenial environment:  You may experience an uncongenial environment around you. And this is quite natural because you are the one who is responsible for the same.
  • Lack of acceptance: Your ideas, proposals and gestures may not be accepted by your spouse and children too. It would take some time to forgive you and move ahead.
  • Lack of sharing attitude: Your people would find it difficult to share their daily happenings or even a serious issue with you due to this act of yours.

But, for all this you can certainly not blame the people around you. Try and recollect the love they poured upon you, the trust and support they extended to you.