The Bigger the Age Gap, the Higher the Chance for Divorce


87c0dbc3d23f7b1aa14835fc30d7920eAccording to a recent study conducted by Emory University, it was found that the bigger the age gap between a married couple, the greater their chances of a divorce. Even those with a one year age gap were told to have 3% more chances of getting divorced than those who were of the same age. The study also found that those with a 10 year age gap had a 39% chance of getting divorced while those with more than 20 years gap had a very high 95% chance.

Varied life experiences, cultural differences, attitudes developed by the circumstances, etc are reasons that cause incompatibility in marriages with a bigger age gap. But the most important factor is the sex life. A healthy sex life is the basis of a successful marriage and the lack of it often leads to emotional strain and eventually divorce. Psychotherapist Fran Walfish points out that women in middle age have a heightened sex drive while the sex drive of men go down south. This fact greatly affects marriages with a bigger age gap as older men with lower sex drives are unable to sexually satisfy middle-aged women with an increasing sex drive.


Same Age Longer Marriage

The study found that in 67% of marriage relationships globally, the male partner on an average is 2.40 years older than the female partner. Only 13% of married couple were of the same age while in 20% of marriages the females were older. It also found that partners with a 5 year age gap between each other have an 18% chance of getting divorced.

In the study conducted on 3000 recently married and divorced couples it was found that those who stuck around for atleast 2 years reduced their chances of going for a divorce by 43%, while those that lasted for 10 years or more had 94% chances of not getting divorced. But surprisingly enough, it was found that the life expectancy for males who married younger females was higher while that for females who married younger males it was lower.

In another similar study, in a survey of 2000 adults it was found that 33% of the women wanted men to be older than them for up to 7 years. The major reason according to them was financial. The surveyed women admitted that they preferred older men as they were more financially stable and able to take care of the family’s needs.

Work it Out Well

These statistics do not mean that there is no hope for those who have a 10 or more years of age gap between them. It is possible to work out through various personal differences and hang on year after year. In that sense, marriage has a 50% chance of survival. But if you are only about to get married then you better not take chances with someone who is much older than you.

It was commonly stated that an ideal age gap for a successful marriage was for the male to be 4 years and four months older than the female. But this study found that around 40% believed that there was no ideal age gap for a successful marriage as it depended purely on how each couple worked out their differences that pop up now and then.