The compulsion of being in a failed marriage: Is it actually required?

Compulsion of being in a marriage
Compulsion of being in a marriage
Compulsion of being in a marriage

With changing times, there is a change on the approach of getting married, and even getting divorced. However, even with so much of advancement, the compulsions of being in a failed marriage still prevail and hence many withhold their decision of divorcing their spouse.

Some of the compulsions are mentioned below:

  • The children: Divorce rates have gone up by touching the figure of almost 50% in May of the developed and advanced societies. However, there are still a large number of people staying in a bad marriage because of kids. They fear the consequences their kids would face due to divorce and even the aftermath effect. But, with changing times the thought process has alas changed and children are also learning faster to cope with such issues. They have been found to be mingling well with their new parent and are happy to see their father or mother finding love for them all over again.
  • The status: Sometimes, the dependent spouse is too scared to leave a marriage because he or she is not sure of enjoying the same lifestyle he or she has been. But, the reality could be that if you decide to get independent you will find no reason for earning you the same status and lifestyle on your own.
  • Developing a comfort zone: There are individuals who are scared of facing a changing in life, and therefore they develop a comfort zone around them. They don’t want to come out of this shell and hence stick to the marriage. They must explore the world after coming out of a “dying relationship”. This is the only way for them to realize what they have been missing upon in life.
  • Investments: there are people who may have invested jointly along with their spouse. Now, that they are suffering from the ailment of a bad marriage they don’t want to lose the benefits. But, what they need to do is to consult a financial planner or a lawyer who can guide them on this issue.
  • Need of house: There could be those who don’t have a house of their own and hence they don’t want to dissolve the marriage because they are not sure about heir future. When you put claims in the court, the law will ate its own course and ensure that you get your rights.
  • Unawareness on legalities: you may be unaware of legal formalities, but, this could be sorted out if you move to a lawyer or a marriage attorney.
  • Expectation of change: There are many such people who sit back and think that things could be changing for good in the days to come and hence they don’t want to come out of a relationship. But, the fact is someone who did not change for so many years will not change even in the future too. That’s not being pessimistic but being realistic.

Being in a marriage could be a compulsion for many, but, one needs to realize if the compulsion is a real one or it can viewed in a different way.