The dilemma of a woman earning more than her husband

ing more than her husband
ing more than her husband
Wife earning more than her husband

Research says that the percentage of women making more money than her husband has gone up and so has the divorce rate. For many it would be difficult to relate the two but they are not independent from each other.

The changing trend

It has been revealed in a research that more than 20% of the women earn more than their spouses. In the same research it was observed that the divorce rates have gone up by 50%, forcing people to connect the two.

The dilemma for such women

  • Balancing Act: She has to go on balancing between her professional life and person life. She has to keep on proving to her spouse and the family members that even if she earns more she continues to respect her husband. She has to prove as a mother that she is no less than those who earn lesser or do not earn at all in compared to their husbands.
  • Chasing her dream: She continuously has to chase her dreams because she has achieved a lot in life. And now, she has to maintain this all along. This keeps her always on her toes.
  • She has to face doubts: She is doubted by her husband, her children and the people around. As because she is earning than many others and specially her husband, people doubt her love and concern for her kins. They may think that she is all about her “profession” and has no time for the family.
  • She has to be overcautious: In order to prove her love she has to go on making efforts. She keeps trying to gain confidence from her husband and children. She has to be even more cautious about hurting her husband’s emotions. She knows it well that every act of hers is being gauged and could be observed in a wrong manner, so she becomes over cautious in everything she does.

Impact on relationship

  • When she returns home late, she may not get a welcoming gesture from her spouse and her children. Her busy schedule may get observed as her greed to earn more and more money.
  • She may feel ignored and find everyone around her to be upset with her.
  • An estranged relationship at home could force her to fall for someone else.
  • When she is not able to take the strain and stress, she may finally quit her job and leave everything to get acceptance from her own people.
  • She may also get into a depressive mode after receiving disapproval from many corners.

Women earning more than their husbands’ is a rising trend, yet, it is not largely accepted by the society yet. These women who have feet stringer than their male counterparts have to undergo immense testing times and in the process they may lose their real self. After all, these women are a part of a patriarchal society which can’t bear women progressive too ahead of men.