The Divorce capital of the world

Divorce Capital of the World
Divorce Capital of the World

London enjoys the status of “divorce capital of the world” for the very reason that the courts here are known for fats, easy and happy settlement of divorce cases. There have been cases wherein the wives have been given huge benefits against the divorce settlements.

The reason behind the glory

In a consultation, a Law Commission meant to deal with marital property declared that even if a couple is money earner, yet the surplus would not be retained after the requirement of a parting couple is met.

To make it a little more elaborate, the “bread earner” in a divorce case is not going to be the only one to keep all the property or even cash for that matter. He or She has to share with the divorcing spouse too.

As the Commission clearly said that the surplus would be divided equally between the two of them. This is one important attribute that makes the divorce law in London one of the most generous ones.

Some of the high profile cases on the land

  • Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney got divorced. Heather Mills secured a huge amount of £24.3m from her ex-spouse when she got divorced.
  • Even the former wife of Phil Collins, the musician, earned £25m as a divorce settlement amount in the same year of 2008.
  • Madonna and Ritchie got divorced again in the year 2008. The marriage lasted for eight years. Ritchie was believed to be getting somewhere between $76 to $92 m as the settlement amount. This money makes almost one fifth of the singer’s asset.
  • In another high profile case, Bernie Ecclestone supposedly paid out £750m when he settled with his ex-wife.

The comparison

There are countries and cities wherein the law and judicial system takes its own sweet time to settle a case. There is variety of documents asked for, to prove the point proposed by the presenter of the case or even by the proposer.

In many of the divorce case it is observed that a spouse asks for a huge amount of money apprehending that only a portion of the same would be granted to him or her.
Also, the court looks into the monetary status of the spouse asking for alimony or spousal support.

A grant is passed only when these many numbers of arguments are satisfied.

On contrary, in the courts of London, the cases are settled with speed and generally the ex-spouse gets a huge amount of money in the form of settlement.

London is known for its quick and speedy judicial system, especially on the front of “divorces”. And it sets an example to courts and the law machinery where divorce takes its own time to get concluded. Sometimes, the prolonged wait dilutes the genuine cases and hence the decision made by the court might not be a healthy one. In the process the deserving people do face disappointments and even injustice in their own way.