The emotional challenges of a “new Mom”

New Mom
New Mom

They say that “Motherhood” is the best gift God could have ever created for a woman. And it is true, but, the emotional challenges which a woman undergoes while rearing a child for the time is a matter of long discussion too.

In most other developed countries there are following support extended to the mothers:

  • Support from doctors: there are doctors available to provide a strong support to the mothers and this mainly revolves around the physical wellbeing of children. It certainly covers the emotional wellbeing too.
  • Mom Clubs: These clubs are established to give a forum to the new mothers. Here they can share their experiences and try and locate a solution for their own problem.
  • Family support: there is definitely a family support available to many of the new moms to cope up with the new experiences and challenges of motherhood.

Are these set ups enough?

Apparently they are, but when you look deep down into the issue, they would not seem to suffice. And this is said because a mother has much more to think and experience than it is discussed or talked about. So, in spite of these set ups the challenges for the mothers do not seem to be getting reduced much.

The real challenge

The real challenge is not just one, when you start following a mother very closely, you will feel amazed at the way she tries to cope up with the changed situations.

  • The first challenge lays with the change in the routine, wherein she has can’t even eat a nap according to her own wish. The key of the same lies in those little fingers which she has brought on the earth.
  • All this while she has been an independent woman, moving and earning on her own. Now, she is not able to work and earn those dollars for herself. So, someone who has undergone a situation like this would surely understand her plight.
  • She cannot miss upon the effort to keep her married life going. Sometimes, even the husband starts thinking that she is too occupied with the child and hence has no time for him. And possibly this is one of her biggest challenges.
  • The guilty feeling on various fronts. She sometimes find herself inadequately meeting various responsibilities and that is what makes her feel miserable.

The support from others

People around her must understand her plight and be supportive in not only realizing her situation but, in making her meet the roles. A little appreciation, a few words of comfort and a warm shoulder, this is what she wants from some people around.

A New Mom is new for the feelings she undergoes in her life. So, making her feel content and happy is  what others can do. After all, the major task has to be done by this “new mom” only. She should not regret the decision of becoming a mother; rather she should be enjoying it. and for this the others around have to play a responsible role as well.