The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

social media effects relationships
Impact of social media on real relationships

social media effects relationships

Impact of social media on real relationships

There was a time, not so long ago, when people wrote letters to their friends and relatives and awaited their replies. The fixed line telephone played a very important role of communication and friends gave a call before they come to visit you. All this (and much more) has changed since the arrival and now near dominance of social media in our lives. All our real life and social media and relationships have all got entwined.

The impact of social media and how it affects your relationships

Cause of increasing insecurity in the relationships

Of course, you have faith in your friend, but do you feel insecure or become jealous when you see his/her photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with someone else?

It is easy to deny any such feelings, but it is a fact that social media is playing its role in arousing jealousy and increasing feelings of insecurity among couples as well.

Couples pay more attention to the activities of their friends and spouses on social media and become suspicious at the drop of a hat literally.

Where is the privacy?

Everyone is entitled to some privacy when it comes to the accounts on social networking sites. But do you feel bad when your boyfriend or spouse tries to hide something from you on the pretext of his privacy on social media? Is your friend posting the photos of two of you together with other’s accounts without asking for your permission? If yes, then this could be a source of stress in your relationships, especially with your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You feel like on top of cloud 9 when you are in love and want to tell this fact to everyone around (in this case on the internet). But is your boyfriend still maintaining a Single status on Facebook? These are behaviors signaling red flag for your relationship. Social media and relationships are at times a chaotic scenario.

Too many selfies on social media

Is your partner or friend obsessed with posting his/her selfie on social media? It is all right to post one or more photos, sometimes, but it becomes too much to handle the photos of your friend on Facebook when you feel that he or she is trying to catch undue attention from friend circle. It is weird even if some of the photos posted by him or her include you. Is she trying to gain confidence or just trying to get likes from more friends?

Social media platforms became accessible on with mobile phones to connect us better but have actually complicated things even more. The impact of social media on real relationships gripping that real life relationships are reeling under the impact of social media.

  • Beware and ensure that you have not got accustomed to ruining the happiness of your near and dear ones.
  • To keep away from the impact of someone else’s habit of excess use of social media, set your boundaries right.
  • Communicate openly and freely. Usually, it is the lack of communication that creates the chaos.
  • Let the other person know how you feel about it.

Use or misuse has a very thin and invisible boundary here. It is up to you to let the impact of social media strengthen your relationships or to let it grind under the effect. Do not let the real life communication vanish. Remain in touch. Your relationship with Social media and relationships in real lie can be balanced well if you are wise enough to strike a balance betwwen both of them.