The issues that take your marriage to the path of divorce

Disturbed Marriage
Disturbed Marriage

Any marital relationship will have multifarious issues to be handled. When you come across those problems, sometimes you tend to ignore these problems but sometimes you should not. In fact, there are some which may call for immediate attention from your end because they may be nothing but a precursor to the path of breaking up.

Let’s understand some of those problems which could be a sign of divorce:

  • No happiness: when you wind up from your work, and are ready to push off home, there is any happiness for the same. Even when you reach home and your spouse opens the door for you, both of you don’t look at each other rather it’s all tangential. Get prepared that it is does not indicate a small issue rather a bigger one.
  • No intimacy: There is not intimacy between the two of you, neither physical nor emotional. Both of you are living together because you have to live for many other reason but love. The excitement which you felt in the beginning of the relationship and the way you waited to enter your bedroom is not there anymore. Even if you make love it is only for the sake of doing so or maybe you have fallen into a routine. Take it as a sign.
  • No dependency: You don’t depend upon each other for anything and especially for any emotional reasons. The mutual need dies out and there is no fun being together. Do not let it be and take the hint.
  • Resentment replaces love: there was a time when your relationship was filled with love, now the same has been replaced with resentment and hence you don’t enjoy each other’s company.
  • No interest: there is any interest left wither for talking to each other, or going out together or even being together quietly. Time for you to wake up and take it as a call.
  • Argument: Either both of you don’t talk, or even when you do it is only argument. See if you are arguing over trivial issues or not.  There is no tolerance left for each other and every time you are in front of each other, the environment is filled with “argument”.
  • Thoughts of divorce: There was a time when you always thought about main your spouse happier and buying some pleasant gift or the other to bring a smile on her face. These days, you are often thinking about divorce and have quietly begun to find out about divorce lawyers and the process by and large.

When you encounter these feelings and thoughts in your relationship, you must never be ignorant about them. Sit back and analyse if there is a way out to save the bond, or else, start preparing for moving away from your spouse because very soon either it would be you or him who would take the first step towards it. So, put on your preparation gloves.