The itch of marriage in celebrity world

Marriage Itch
Marriage Itch

On an average it has been observed that most of the marriages start a roller coaster ride almost after 7 years. And this is what has been studied by the relationships experts. They say that once a marriage completes these many years or it is about to complete so, it starts showing the traces of “disturbances”. These disturbances could come in some form or the other.

What causes the marriage to itch?

The marriage which is almost 7 year older could display uneven traits due to following reasons:

  • When two people stay together for this long a period then the attraction gets subdued in due course of time.
  • They start knowing each other so well that there is hardly anything left to explore any further.
  • The marriage kind of comes to a point where there is no excitement left behind.
  • In most of the cases, the family is settled and many a times, the spouses rift apart due to too many responsibilities at their family front.
  • There could be a “third person” entering the relationship.
  • There could be complacence, boredom and sometimes if it isn’t all this, it is taking the spouse for granted and being too sure that nothing wrong can go with the relationship.

Why does the marriage itch get pre-proponed in celebrity relationships?

In most of the celebrity relationships it is observed that the marital cord starts getting weaker much before a “common marriage”. And this period is generally pre-poned by a couple of years. Mostly, the itching starts by the fourth year of the marriage. In fact, there are cases when the marriage lasts for less than a year. And in average the relationships continue for three to four years.

Some of the reasons for an early itching could be:

  • The availability of options is far wide in case of celebrities than a common person. They meet more and more people day in and day out so the choices can be made at the drop of the hat.
  • A common man has to think about very many issues before entering into a divorce, whereas, a celebrity is free from many of the restrictions and constraints. So for them to make a change in life is like any other event.
  • They have a strong mind and their decisions are based on moments so reconciliation is the last thing in their dictionary.
  • They are blessed with more resources than a common man is and that makes things much easier for them than others.

Every marriage encounters a phase when it becomes a little pale and sometimes it starts staling too. It largely depends upon the people tied in the knot to refresh it or to leave it to stink. The world of celebrities is different from the one in which common men live. Therefore, the rules of living a relationship would also differ largely. The two can be rarely compared as they don’t share even a remotest of connections.