The journey of women being abused

Abused Woman
Abused Woman
Abused Woman

They say that being abusive is no less than a pain of being pricked at the same point where you have been hurt deeply. Yes, this is how the pain of an abusive relationship can be compared to.

The journey of being abused

In spite of every one of us claiming a big advancement in the thought process, we encounter innumerable cases of “abuse”. This is prevalent in almost every corner of the society. And a woman is prone to it right from the beginning of her journey till the end of it. This precisely means, ever since she starts moving to school, then to college and even to an office when she grows into an adult, she is prone to it. For some reason if she escapes being abused at any of these places, there is a high chance that she would be a victim to this curse right at home, in the hands of her husband. So, you cannot really pin point the place or the age when a woman could get abused or may not.

The attitude of perpetrators

Even if an “abuse” is reported to the authorities, there is rarely a case when adequate actions are being taken. Consequently, a woman might land up sitting next to the perpetrator even if she has lodged a genuine complaint or she may have to work with the same colleague on the same project. The pain gets aggravated when you don’t get justice and it worsens when you have to see the same person again. The perpetrators get stronger and rather than feeling intimidated for the sin, they feel encouraged to repeat it again.

Role of Rescuers

There are centres which own up the responsibility of setting things right by teaching a lesson to the miscreants. They are also committed to protect the rights of a victim, but, they fail to meet their objective in a high percentage because many of such cases are not reported to them.

The need of the hour

What is needed the most is to support and encourage women to come up with such issues and fight for their rights. Often times, women hide any such mishap in the name of “family pride” and due to the fear of being judged. But, they have to be made aware of the laws which are made to protect them and provide justice to them.
There is also a responsibility with the authorities, when they hear or come across any such incident they should make sure that firm actions are taken against the miscreants.

A woman will always be termed a victim since she is undergoing pain and yet continues to be in an abusive relationship. Sometimes, she carries on with a whimsical person out of compulsion and sometimes it is the fear of living independently. In any case she is the one who lives with pain. Therefore, the society needs to ensure that her rights are protected and she gets enough support to stand against such evils around.