The learning from celebrity divorces

Celebrity divorce and the learning
Celebrity divorce and the learning

Celebrity Divorces are like an “open book”, and they can be read by everyone. These divorces catch so much of media attention that common men easily get attracted by the news.

However, there is certain learning which could help people learn and improve upon their relationships.

Short lived marriage may have a long end

From the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries which was merely 72 days old, it was quite evident that the “process of getting divorced was long and complicated.” Humphries did not want to settle the case easily. And most of the times, it is observed that there is one partner between the two who does not want to clear off the case without giving too much of pain to the other partner. The aim of such people is to hurt the other partner as much as they can.

Money matter and emotions can be kept apart during divorce

Many a time’s people mix the two and hence the process of getting rid of a rotting relationship becomes difficult. Kat Perry and Russell Brand jointly owned a large sum of money, yet, they got divorced with a smile on their face. And this was only the reason for the divorce process being short and simple. Hence, money matters and emotional issues should be kept away from each other while dealing with divorce.

Kids should be kept away from the dirt of divorce

When a couple decides to get divorced they should ensure that children should not get caught between he two adults. This is a big lesson learned from the divorce row of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise which revolved around their daughter Suri. Under no circumstances should kids get trapped in the mesh of “divorce row”, otherwise they would always be under confident any such relationship when they grow up.

Long term Marriage should never be taken for granted

There couples who are married for a few decades, and a time comes when they stop making much of efforts to keep the warmth of the relationship. However, marriage is a bond which needs to be nurtured till the end; hence taking it for granted at any point of time could be disastrous. This is quite evident from the divorce happening between Danny De Vito and Rhea Pearlman who were married for almost 30 years. In fact, there are couples who wait for their children to settle down and then they take up the decision of getting divorced.