The life of a “Married Single Mother” when husband is away on a task

Married Single Mother


Married Single Mother

Is your husband away on a difficult task? Is he in a profession which demands him to leave the family for unknown period and even at odd points of time? And is he into a profession where either he is not allowed to make a personal phone call or he does not get time to call you up to at least “listen” to you?

A Case Study

There is a couple, who meet each other at unknown and undefined times. This means, when is the wife going to get the comfort from the husband and the children are not sure if their father would be able to witness their “award ceremony” they have round the corner or not.

The man himself does not know about his presence at a given point of time. He does not know if he would be able to celebrate his child’s birthday along with the family or not.

What happens then?

In spite of feeling miserable, the husband gets prepared to take the next flight and packs up his bag, says “bye” to his family, gives them a hug and pushes away with a heavy heart.

The children feel the pain but they get a big assurance from the mother and get into their normal routine. They are completely assured that even if “Dad” is not there “Mom” is there to be with them. She is going to listen to all the “small and big” problems of the kids; she would be taking them to their school, will be attending their meetings and would be a part of every happening of their life.

And then the story of the mother

The mother, after completing the daily chore, meeting all her responsibilities throughout the day to the best of her ability for which she might not be “appreciated” too, goes to bed at night. And then she probably deserves a “shoulder”, but there is none. She knows her husband is away and far away from her, kids have gone off to sleep and she has literally no one to share her thoughts with.

The husband gets an accolade for “his achievements”, kids get a “prize” in school but the support behind all this gets none.

She is the one who lives a life of a “married single mother”, the status which allows her to live with the comfort of “having a husband”, yet meeting the entire responsibilities single handed.

To bring up kids is a big responsibly, and if one has to ensure the same all alone then it actually becomes a mammoth task. The pain and the plight would be realized by somebody who has experienced it personally. Any woman meeting such a huge role deserves accolades and galore of appreciation for the “large roles” she plays and for doubling as both mother and father of the kids.