The multifarious impact of adultery on divorce


Are you heading for a divorce and this is after you found your spouse to be in an extra marital relationship?

If yes, then you must be wondering if this would leave you with some benefit in settling scores with your husband or not.

What does the data say?

In a study conducted on infidelity it was observed that in more than half of the cases of marriage dissolution, “infidelity” has been a major reason. In fact the same study also indicates that those earning higher salaries are more likely to have extra marital affair than those with less salary. And most of the infidelity cases are reported by men whereas almost 25% of married women are reported to cheat upon their husband.

How will it impact your divorce case?

  • There are many states where “infidelity” does not make a reason for divorce and such cases are referred as “no fault” divorce. So, even if you prove that your husband has cheated upon you, it may not give an advantage while settling down the case.
  • But, if your spouse has used money or any other form of property from joint account and wherein you too have made a contribution then he has to face a consequence for the same. You should be able to prove it, that he has spent on the extra marital relationship out of the joint earning or saving then the court will take a decision accordingly while settling down the asset after divorce.
  • If you can prove that you children have also been affected by the affair of your spouse then the court may also take a decision on custody of the children accordingly. But to prove all this is a costly affair.

Is alimony enough to forego the pain?

Those who are betrayed are in pain and anger, and they want to teach a lesson to their spouse for this. In the process they may try and win a situation in the court room. As a result they may be receiving a huge amount of alimony, but, the million dollar question is if that is more than enough.

For a moment it might seem to be, but, in the long run it won’t, there will always be a discontent feeling because emotional setbacks can never be recovered with any kind of financial penalty. It is only a way to get temporary relief. So, even if you fight and prove your point to punish your spouse, the pain may still be there to bother you from quite long.

Adultery and Infidelity though are reasons for the breakup of many marriages, but, they are not considered to be a solid cause for dissolving a marriage, at least in the eyes of law. So, banking upon this for post-divorce settlement would not be a wise idea. After all, the verdict coming from the court has to be respected by all even if emotionally one is drained out and tired.