The prevalent issues in a marriage

Issues in a Marriage
Issues in a Marriage

Getting married is only the beginning of a relationship, maintaining the same through various odds and evens is probably the larger aspect.

Many of us know the common issues arising in a marriage, however, some of the common pot holes of marriage are mentioned below:

  • Conversation dominates Communication: With time, a couple’s talking gets restricted to “conversation” rather than “communication”. Many of them start exchanging issues which are related to common house hold, children and many other mundane things. Amid all this, somewhere the intense communication which is needed for a happy marriage gets lost.
  • Horrifying experiences of the past: there could be people with bitter and painful experiences in the past, unfortunately this has an impact on how they observe and behave with their spouse. If they have been cheated time and again, they might find it difficult to trust someone even as close as his or her own spouse.
  • Unresolved issues: if a person enters into a new marital relationship, but he or she has a lot of issues which have not been pacified or resolves in the past then, it will certainly create a bad effect on the marriage.
  • Financial issues: After getting married, if a couple is exposed to sudden financial crisis, he might not be able to take things in the right spirit; as a result the marriage will be adversely affected.
  • Any hidden chord of the past: If any of the spouses had a past relationship and that was not shred with the partner before getting married, it will surely make the newly wed partner to take time to gulp and trust the spouse.
  • Physical intimacy: Sometimes spouses are not able to express their physical needs to each other. In turn, either of them or both of them may remain unsatisfied at this front. And this being an important component of a marriage, one cannot think of a happy marriage unless there exists a strong physical bond between the couple.
  • Lack of mutual understanding: A couple is supposed to share a deep mutual understanding amongst them. A lack of this, would create a void in the relationship as everything cannot be communicated through words, there are feelings and issues which need to be understood silently. Hence absence of silent communication and silent understanding could make things difficult for a marital relationship.
  • Lack of mutual trust and respect: It is very important that a couple respects each other without expecting any change in him or her. Unless, it is so, the marriage will suffer from togetherness.

There are many factors which uplift the quality of a marriage. Similarly there are many which could bring in defects to a marriage. The above mentioned are only a few of them but they are certainly the most common ones. Hence, one need to ensure and evaluate if their marriage suffers from the discussed defects and act accordingly to the need of the situation.