The problems which cannot be ignored in a marriage

Problems in a marriage
Problems in a marriage

In a marital relationship, you may come across many of the “issues”, some of them may be minor ones, some may be larger in magnitude yet not so damaging and some could be so nasty that it may become difficult for you to ignore them.

The matter of understanding is that even if some of the problems are larger in scale, they may not be too demanding and can be resolved at your end. However, there are some which are absolutely intolerable and can actually “make” or “break” your relationship. They may also be regarded as “critical” ones.

Some of the critical problems are:

Nasty: Your partner may turn “nasty” to you in due course of time when he or she does not have the intention of continuing with the marriage any more. This is observed in many cases wherein the other spouse knows that initiating a divorce from his or her end would cost a lot in many aspects. And hence you are being provoked to be the first one file a divorce case.

Abusive: This is one problem in a marriage when you can’t take it beyond a point. In the beginning you may have the tendency to forgive and ensure that the marriage runs smoothly, but, with time your spouse may take your patience for granted and get worse from day to day.

 Infidelity: Sometimes, even if a spouse gets into a new relationship, it could be temporary and a hidden one. However, when the spouse has a tendency of hurting you and belittling you to the core then he or she may go around with someone in your complete awareness and make you feel “small” and jealous. This is again not tolerable for someone who has been honest to the relationship.

Indifferent: the person is different towards your needs which could be more of emotional and even physical. He or she understands your urge for “making love” but, ignores you lets you be with the feeling without giving you sense of satisfaction. This cannot be borne for a longer period of time.

Unreasonably silent: When your partner turns on “silent mode” and is not ready to communicate about it even after much persuasion then it is actually a major issue. There is no reason for you for not taking it as a “danger signal”.

Your take on these problems

When you come across such problems you must make it a point to sit back and introspect the “future” of your marital cord. And this is for the reason that there are some problems which are temporary and hence have a solution. The solution is more so because both the spouses make an effort to resolve the issues. However, coming across any of the above mentioned issues can never be ignored and left upon time for resolution.

Some problems cannot be ignored in relation no matter how easy and simple they seem to be. It is always better to make a note and get alert.