The Real Story of “Couple Therapy”

Couple Therapy
Couple Therapy

The rate of divorce has gone up in the last few decades and so has the measures to control this dissociation.

Experts all across the world have been trying to find out the possible ways for saving the dissolutions of marital cord. And this is not only to save the two individuals but also to protect the future of the children involved with all this turmoil.

“Couple Therapy” is a concept which is quite prevalent in today’s society and has gained momentum even more than before due to the rising intolerance resulting into breakage of marriages.

The opinion of Experts on Couple Therapy

An independent clinical social worker Terry Real Says, “In a therapy office you are supposed to do something about it. At the dinner table, you’re just a bystander. ”

Many experts consider the job of “Couple Therapy” to be quite challenging.

An expert in this field says, “You often feel confused with at least one of the couples who get out of control.”

Mr. Real tries to explain the situation by stating that it gets frightening when two strong individuals are colliding.

Couples’ opinion on such Therapies

Some of the couples strongly recommend the concept because they have seen houses being rebuilt up after a couple has undergone such sessions.

On the other hand, some strongly disagree with the concept and state it as a “total waste” of time and money. They have hardly experience da case around them which has revived due to a therapist or his sessions. They feel that the sessions are dragged unnecessarily without making any improvement in the state of “dying relationship”.

The challenges for a Therapist

A therapist faces a series of challenges while handling a case which has nothing much left in it. In fact, people approach an expert mostly as the last measure to save the relationship. By this time, it gets so worse that the Therapist finds it almost impossible to intervene and save the whole affair.

Couples coming to them are actually filled with anger, resentment and volatility which effervesce at any point of time during the therapy sessions.

Blaming the Therapist solely for the “lower success rate” of “Therapy Sessions” would be a lopsided statement. The society and largely the couples are equally to be held responsible for the unsuccessful stories.