The reality behind “Adultery”


When a person is blamed of “ adulteration” of his relationship and more precisely cheating his or her partner, there are justifications made by him or her.

The fact is that the person convinces himself or herself the most, and even more than doing so to anyone else.

The perspective of the person cheating the partner

For someone who has been honest to the partner, all along, if suddenly adulterates the bond and breaks the trust that surely does mean that he himself is convinced about the new change in his life.

It could be so, that he is only deviated from a while and could be still in love with his or her partner. It is only a matter of time that he or she got deviated from the path, but there is always a correction of course.

The perspective of the person who has been cheated

The person who comes to know about his “so called impure partner or even relationship” starts disbelieving their relationship, and may get into depression too. After all, somebody who has been cheated observes things with his or her own perspective and loses hope in the bond as well.

The justifications made by the partner at fault

Sometimes, when things are a little turbulent between a couple, one may get allured to bend towards a new person in life. The person may think that he or she has every right to be happy in life and what is being done is only after the ignorance he or she has been receiving from the other partner.

So, he justifies the entire act done by him and consoles himself or her to be correct, even if this feeling is momentary.

The pains faced by the innocent partner

On one side when one partner justifies his entire act, the other partner sits back and evaluates about the future of the relationship. There is a feeling of being “rejected and disowned” and this subdues the confidence in self and even in the bond between the two.

The right approach could be to evaluate the whole situation and understand if the mistake was made on momentary instincts or it had a deeper meaning. Many a times, one only flow with a moment and it is never intended to finish off the relationship. After all, there is little effort needed to break a bond than to make it and reform it all over again.