The rise of the new era of women

A successful Woman
A successful Woman

Men have always been looked upon as the providers, the protectors. Someone who takes care of the needs of the family and looked upon as someone who carries a staggering load of responsibilities. Times have now changed. Women are outperforming and out earning men and are looked upon as equal contributors to the household. Since women have an incredible sense of responsibility and intellect they generally make a very thought out career choices and generally have more stable a career graph.

The changing scenario

It has been widely observed that there are more female graduates across the world than men, as a result with their consistent sincere efforts they reach great heights in career and become a desirable partner for men who are either doing equally well or not doing all that well. Women spend a lot of time building their careers.

Very often they cross the marriageable age and then they have limited choices in terms of partners. Most of them compromise by getting married or people not as successful as them. This generally creates laid back attitude among men and they start depending on their wives for most of the things.

It is a well-established fact that no matter how strong and independent a woman is, she needs her man to give her the sense of security. A man who is more dependent on a woman generally fails to earn the respect of women. She expects her man to be one of the famous novel characters, the one who keeps his lady in the rose petals.

Deep within she is still the same “timid” women who wants her partner to hold her hand and protect her from all odds. She experiences a setback in her expectations.

Surprisingly the men become absolutely reluctant about their responsibilities. However, it is very rarely seen that women who are doing well in their careers do not take care of household responsibilities.

If you compare the average work hours of women with that of men you’ll realize that women work for far longer hours than men. They prove to be not only efficient workers but also handle household work incredibly. All this has increased the dependence of men on women and gradually an astonishing switch over in roles is being noticed. It will not be surprising if some day women are looked up for running their families the same way as men were looked upon as few years ago.

This era is the era of women. They are great mothers’ equally efficient professionals. They are gradually taking over men and turning the world into an equally opportunity world.