The situations that can make women unfaithful

Unfaithful woman
Unfaithful woman
Unfaithful woman

Being unfaithful to partner is the last act which can be justified. However, such an act coming from men has been quite common in the society, whereas, the same coming from women is growing in percentage in the last few years. This is observed as a major change in the social structure.

The change in the society

Yes, if you look at the number of women “cheating” upon their husbands, you will see a rise.

Now, the question is “Have women become irresponsible than what before?”, “Have they become intolerant?” or “Do they have more exposure which is ultimately leading them to a better choice in terms of partner?”

The abrupt answer to this will be “yes”, though it may have another side to it.

The change in the thought process of women

Women these days are more learned than they sued to be before. They are more outgoing and confident in the present times. This surely cannot be looked upon as “intolerance and irresponsible behaviour”. They are more aware of their rights and they know to draw a line exactly when it is needed to.

The situations under which becoming unfaithful is justified

  • Think of a family where the wife is taking care of children and husband, meeting all her responsibilities and performing every task to its details. But, she does not get the due recognition from her husband and therefore even the children too. After sometime there will be a stage when she would look for an appreciation, if not from the family members then at least from someone else. In the process who so ever provides her with it, she would prefer being with that person.
  • While days pass by, a dull could prevail in a relationship, and there could be the wife yet looking for an excitement in life. If she doesn’t get the same from her husband she may look for some other sources.
  • Sometimes, she may not make any effort on her own, but she generally gets more attention, love and care from somebody who is new to her life. She will have a tendency to fall for this person.
  • There could be a situation when she continues doing for the family and giving up her career, her wishes and have made innumerable sacrifices big and small. After many years she may want to feel wanted and may be willing to receive than to give. There is a possibility that she may get diverted towards another man in life.
  • There could be a husband assigns his wife for years now; will the wife carry on like this? There will be a time when she could crumble under pain and if she gets a support from anyone else in life, coming her way she would not mind that.

Although there can rarely be an explanation for unfaithfulness, yet the situation under which a person becomes unfaithful need to be examined. There can be certain circumstances which can be justified for being infidel to a partner.