Things that can keep you away from a relationship

Issues in a relationship
Issues in a relationship
Issues in a relationship


You may passively be in a relationship, but, to actually be in it calls for an equation between the two of you involved in it.

Yes, there are people and their relationships where everything seems fine superficially, but when you take a deep look you will realize that it’s only a “false show”. And if you think that you are actually living a relationship like that, then you need to introspect and find out if everything is sound from your end.

There could be following issues if you don’t find yourself in a comfortable position:

The baggage of childhood:

It is studied time and again that, a child who is brought up by too dominating or too submissive parents suffer from a behavioural disorder. And this disorder is so grave in nature that it throws a large impact on adult relationships too. Such children when hold the responsibility of a spouse or a parent may not be able to give the “right” kind of treatment to the people associated with them.

There could be other associated issues like the child being abused or tortured in some way or the other and all this affects their personality adversely leading to maladjustment in the future life.

Expecting beyond reality

Expecting from someone you love is fair; in fact when you develop a bond this makes an essential component. However, if it takes a giant shape and dominates the rest of the aspects of the association then it may prove to be quite disastrous for you and the associated person. Avoid expecting too much from anyone, no matter how close the person is, this will only create a rift between the two of you making things sour.

Addiction for love

Sometimes people do settle down for someone who is far away from their choice and standard too. This is only because they are addicted for love and it happens when one does not receive enough love in the past life. As a result they realize only after spending some time that the decision was not so good. Later, they regret and feel sorry for the state of affairs in their life.

Mental issues

There are some people who suffer from mental disorders but otherwise look absolutely normal. When they get into an association they fail to trust, believe and love a person normally, they may get aggressive on various occasions and may become too demanding too.

A relationship is an equation which can run well if both the arms function in cohesion. If they fail to do so, the success of any such bond is doubtful. However, if you find you to be in such a state then rather than blaming your partner or others, take a relook at your own approach and look for the areas of improvement. There is nothing that cannot be improved but all you need is to be honest and critical while making an analysis so that you pin point the problem.