Things that can keep you away from your loved ones

Disturbed relationship
Disturbed relationship
Disturbed relationship

Have you ever realized that people who fall in love many a times and are not successful with the same, what could be the reason behind?
You must have come across very many stories wherein a person who genuinely loves his or her partner, yet, the stability or a long term relationship is missing in their lives. Also, they don’t get reciprocated to the extent that they pour in love to the other person.

We will discuss a few reasons behind such failures:

  • Lack of skill: There are occasions when everything is fine in the relationship, the only thing that one of the partners lack is the skill to handle a situation. And yes, it may sound a little weird but it is true.
  • Lack of availability: Are you too busy into a project or with your professional life? Then you must also be prepared to face situation when you can’t spend time with your loved ones and hence you will see them moving away from you.
  • Lack of family support: When you were a child, you really had a tough time growing up with two difficult and immature parents. And this has made you a very disturbed individual who finds it difficult to adjust anyone and hence lead a normal partnership.
  • Childhood trauma: your partner was abused when he was a child and now it has become a part of his behaviour. Such an individual may not be able to trust anyone that easily.
  • Expecting beyond reality: You are probably expecting too much out of your partner. He or she is into a traveling job and yet you expect your partner to be around all the time. Is there a choice of leaving the job and staying back at home? Not really, so it is always smarter to be real while holding expectations from your partner.
  • Substance Abuse: your partner is substance addicted and hence he is not in his owns ensues all the time. He always looks for a reason to get a little dose from ether and there and therefore he may get into saying a lot of lies too. You can really loose it when you see your partner doing that.
  • Health disorders: Your partner may be suffering from either some kind of mental health disorder or could be from a physical health disorder too. In this case, you cannot really find him or her to be a normal partner and understand or reciprocate the way you want to.

A relationship has many focal points and each of them is quite important to run the bond in a healthy form. However, there are things coming from within which create disturbances in a relationship, thereby making it an abnormal one. So, the best is to look into oneself rather than blaming someone else for things not moving on a smooth track. The issues which could be controlled should be done so, but, there would be some which can’t be altered so one has to learn to expect them.