This is why Men Cheat!

Why do Men Cheat
Why do Men Cheat
Why do Men Cheat

When two people enter into a relationship, they promise to give their all to it. This may be in terms of responsibility, loyalty or support. A rock strong bond of love between two individuals is created because the man and the woman commit a truthful and honest relationship/marriage.

With everything going so well, with being so deeply in love, with the man always making his lady love so happy, what suddenly happens? What makes the happiness transform into tears and what turns the woman’s world upside down? It’s CHEATING!

Men who cheat on their partners/wives put a near full stop to the relationship. While some accusing true love with the other lady to be the reason, all cheating men normally have some or the other argument to support their action. These reasons may include:

  • Disturbance in Married Life

A certain level of agitation and complication in a relationship forces men to cheat. According to the males, a disturbed married life is one of the biggest reasons why they cheat.

  • Deprived of Emotional Support

Men consider themselves to be sensitive beings that not only need love but also someone to support their emotions. When men feel deprived of emotional support, nearly 48% of them resort to cheating on their wives to gain that backing from another woman.

  • When Boredom strikes

Men say that they want thrill and challenges in life. According to a study, when men feel bored with one woman in their life, they go on a hunt to foster the interesting elements which could cut down boredom.

  • Influence of a Bad Company

Around 77% men are provoked to cheat seeing their friends doing the same. Getting carried by their ideas and habits, men generally fall into a trap and cheat on their wives.

  • Mistrust on their Partners

Having a doubt about the loyalty of their female partners, men play the cheating game.  They not only want to take revenge from their cheating partners but also get down to proving their manhood.

  • Love

This reason might be genuine and acceptable but cheating is a totally wrong way to confess it.  Men sometimes claim to have fallen for another female but this message when conveyed through the medium of cheating makes it totally unacceptable.

With the list never ending, these reasons are just not all. Men with low moral values resort to cheating on their ladies. Such men need to be told and taught so that they realize the importance of loyal love and their responsibilities towards the relationship.