Time to stop putting false allegation on your spouse

Putting Allegation on Spouse
Putting Allegation on Spouse
Putting Allegation on Spouse

In a large number of divorce cases, it has been observed that one spouse or the other attempt to put false allegations on the other one. And this is attempted in order to gain some mileage in the divorce or the other. But, somebody trying to make such wrong efforts should be aware of the consequences he or she may face in the hands of laws.

The reasons for people to put false allegations

Sometimes, the goal is to ensure that “child custody” is preserved with one parent only and the other one does not get any legal access to the child. This shows the “closed and mean” mentality of the person because he or she forgets that even the other parent should enjoy the parenthood and has every right to contribute to the child’s development.

On some other occasion, the goal is to harass the spouse and extract as much money as one can. Again the motive is mainly to put a pressure on the spouse.

A Case study

In one such case, Handrahan and Malenko who got married in 2006 and share the pride of parenting a daughter, the wife tried to put false allegations on the husband. She tried to prove in the court that her ex-husband is mentally sick and is not capable of looking after the daughter. He was outrageous and she even displayed judiciously unlawful behavior to prove her point against Malenko.

But, the lawyer and Malenko made an attempt to put forward their logic and they could actually prove that the allegations against him were baseless.

After the truth was proven in the court, Handrahan had to face serious consequences. A federal court ordered her to pay $45,000 to her ex-husband because she had tried to malign his reputation. She also had to pay $30,000 to her daughter. She is barred from being paid any child support.

The awareness about any such action

Any individual trying to gain any mileage during trial of a divorce case should take it as a lesson and should be aware of the fact that one will face hard consequences if any of the allegations against an innocent spouse is proven in the court.

The consequences could be as hard as paying a large sum of money, or getting no permission to meet the child or one may also be asked to do away from any child support one has been fighting for.

Divorce trials do involve a series of “false allegations” which people come up with, sometimes to make their case strong and sometimes to prove their point. In some case it could also be to feed the go and take revenge against the spouse. While doing so, people must understand that courtroom will never rely on the allegations made by one party itself; it needs adequate evidences and logic to approve of logic. So, it is always better to be one the safe side, and make sure that one does not go the wrong way.