Tips to Make Close Friends


29th January: Do you want to know how to make close friends and make such friendships last forever?

Let us see how to make close friends and enjoy friendship.

Here are some vital tips for making strong friendships.

Friends—A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is a common saying and holds true if we want to know whether a friend is a genuine and true friend or not. A friend cares about you and vice versa. We get several opportunities for meeting new people and making them friends. However, a good friend is one with whom you can always connect and share your feelings.

Another important thing about a friend is that he or she will accept you no matter who you are. And he or she needs to be trustworthy and not in any way be selfish or affect your life in a negative manner. However, you need to know that you don’t always need to agree with your friend(and vice versa).

Making good friendsHow to build strong friendships—

  • Be friendly—One has to be a friend if you want to have a friend.
  • Be loyal—Be loyal towards your friend or friends.
  • Giving—One needs to become giving to build strong friendships.
  • Encouraging—Be encouraging towards your friends.
  • Enriching—You need to add value to other people. This can be done only if have a lifestyle of good values.
  • Understanding—Understanding is vital for building strong friendships. So, take time to understand your friends.
  • Honesty—Misunderstandings can happen in a true friendship too. But, you can tackle these with the tool of honesty.
  • Show interest—Travel, read, learn. Such qualities can help in making good friends and enjoying lasting friendships.
  • Flexible—Flexibility is needed for enjoying closeness with friends. So, try to become flexible.
  • Listen—Listening to your friends or friend is needed rather than just speaking your views.
  • Respectful—No two people can have similar feelings or views. And this holds true for friends too. But, one must be respectful to friends irrespective of such differences.
  • Honesty—Honesty is the best policy for having close and life-long friendships too. So, be honest with your friends.
  • Fun—Share fun with your friends and multiply enjoyment in life.
  • Positive—Be positive with your friends since positivity leads to happiness while negativity kills friendships.
  • Smile—Smiling during conversations brings a positive impact and makes you friendly with people.