Top Relationship Queries Answered


28th April: Let us see top relationship queries and their answers here.

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Top Relationship Queries AnsweredTop relationship queries and answers—

Question—I am a decent looking guy having a good job. However, when it comes to the issue of dating, it seems quite tough. I tried meeting people online as well as in person. But it failed. I get rejected repeatedly. I think women don’t want a nice guy. They want a model having billions in the bank account. What’s the truth?

Answer—Well, to be frank, not every girl or woman wants a model guy having billions in the bank account. Many women look for someone who is respectful, kind and generous guy. Coming to the issue of rejection, remember, its an integral part of dating. Wrong people need to reject us if we want to find the right person.

You need to ask yourself what you really want. Just don’t focus on what other people want. You need to know about your requirements.

Remember, don’t ever let your past disappointment become self-fulfilling.

Question—How to bounce back from disappointing dating situations? I feel afraid to date again and get hurt once more.

Answer—Well, this is yet among the top relationship queries. There are no guarantees in dating and love. So, its obvious that dating may seem scary to some. In dating or love, there is no guarantee whether the other person will reciprocate. Moreover, if the other person reciprocates, there is no certainty as to how long the relationship may last. It seems to be quite uncomfortable. So, for all those going to date, you must remember to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Just give yourself some time. It’s the only way for anyone to get back from any disappointing dating situation. It may be that many times, we try to get back from disappointments even before we are ready. So, simply give yourself some time. Remember, time is a great healer. If you are single and ready to mingle, then be ready to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Question—How to get the communication right and have fulfilled relationship?

Answer—Well, the trick to is get your communication right. You can make a perfect start to a fulfilling relationship or marriage. Getting your communication right means you can handle your relationship issues in a better way.

That’s because effective communication is the base and foundation of any relationship. You need to be a good listener. So, fine tune your communication to reduce stress in your relationship.

So, we discussed some top relationship queries and their answers.