Understanding “Spousal Abuse” and handling the same

Spousal Abuse
Spousal Abuse

Across all the cast, creed and ethnicity, there are few things which are quite common. And if you refer to them, you would realize that there are certain diseases like cancer and a few more and there is one common issue of “domestic violence”. This can also be referred to as “spousal abuse” because “spouse” is the one who is largely responsible for it.

No matter, what place on earth you belong to, you will hear this term and people suffering from it in some way or the other.

Different forms of Spousal Abuse

  • It can occur as “physical abuse” wherein the victim has marks all over the body or may be in some parts of the body.
  • There could be a silent one, wherein the dominant partner does not touch or give pains in physical ways, but, the marks are all internal. This means, the heart and the mind is demeaned to the extent that a person undergoing this kind of abuse forgets his or her own ability, loses confidence and is left with no self-esteem to carry further in life, at least independently and till the time she or he gets a little help.

Realization that one is being abused

Many a times, people undergoing such a situation in life may not even realize. And the biggest reason could be that they don’t want to tell themselves about it. More often, they don’t want anyone else to come to now of it. But, the questions are if “hiding” is going to help the situation in any way.

Certainly not, it would never, so best is not to console yourself and accept the hard reality that person whom you trusted the most, has now become violent and rude to your emotions and to you largely.

The steps you may take

  • The first step is to accept it, and tell yourself that keeping quite will not be of any help to you rather, you may find your spouse growing taller and taller day by day. So, admit the same and come out of the world of “false assurances” which you have been giving to yourself.
  • Once, you have hardened your emotions, you can think of taking legal actions and coming out of the relationship if the extent is absolutely unbearable.
  • Sometimes, when your partner notices your strength he may subdue for some time and may “promise” you that “it won’t happen again”. But, somebody who could not change over the years will definitely not change now.
  • You can move to any of the legal bodies to get security and for them to take actions against such abusive and mentally sick people.

If you have noticed any incidence on domestic violence around, then you are most welcome to share the same with our beloved readers. If you know of anyone being victimized and are not able to take any action then also you can share the case at this forum so that such victims can be extended support and can be protected.