Understanding spousal demands before marriage is the key to a happy relationship

Happy couple
Happy couple

Getting married calls for a lot of preparation from your end. The preparation is needed in terms of money, attire, sending the invite to friends and relatives, booking a venue for reception and many other aspects need to be looked into. People are seen to be taking help of “event managers” to get their marriage organized.

There is one most important preparation which you need to do on your own and that is about understanding your partner. Yes, this is something no one else can do and should do. It has to be well planned and well-tried effort from your end.

Some of the things which your spouse would expect from you are

You must look different

Ensure that you look absolutely different and gorgeous from any other day he has seen you. Your face should look different to catch all the attention and love for your spouse. He or she is used to seeing you for the last couple of months so on the day of marriage a little different look of yours would be a beautiful gift. This different look should be maintained forever thought, but it is most needed immediately after few days of marriage. Make it a point that you don’t carry the same old look.

Keep surprising

Never let monotony dominate your relationship. Right from the day of marriage till another few days and in fact till you can keep surprising your spouse with your sweet acts and gifts or however you may think of. This will keep your relationship enlightened.

Attention and appreciation

Pay attention to your spouse’s looks and any other expectation. After all don’t forget that your life is complete only when the person with you is happy. Paying attention and appreciating your spouse are one of the keys of a happy marital relationship.

Don’t nag

If you keep on nagging for every small and big thing then you might spoil your own house. Initially may be your nag will be heard but later it would be ignored thinking that it’s a part of you , surely such a behavior is not appreciated by anyone around you.

Maintain transparency and secrecy

Ensure that there is transparency between both of you but also ensure that the minor differences over any issue do not go out beyond the two of you.

Hence, before getting married understand these issues so that you don’t go wrong by and large. Rest you will learn while handling your marriage.