Ways to save your collapsing marriage

Collapsing marriage
Collapsing marriage

Do you think your marriage is collapsing and there are now ways you can help it? There is nothing that cannot be resolved. If there is a problem around then there has to be a solution to it somewhere closer. All you need to do is to look upon with an open heart and mind and explore your world for a better marital relationship which according to you has nothing left with.

The following may help you to revive your relationship.

Shed your ego

The first and foremost step on this journey would be shed off your ego and ensure that you stand taller than any personal grudge. Ego is something which stops you from being rational and empathetic towards your partner. So, do away with it so that you can look for solutions with an open mind.

Be a listener

Listening is an important task and art as well in a fragile relationship like marriage. Make sure that you listen and not hear the ideas and thoughts of your spouse. When you listen to him or her intently, you may realize his or her pain and take measures to keep the pain away from your beloved one.


At such crucial stages, partners either fight or stop talking; the best approach is to talk. So, don’t make surface conversations and go deep down and communicate with your partner. This will help you understand his or her mind and let you take steps to ensure a healthy relationship.

Be positive

Express your hope while communicating with your love; make him or her understand that you’re still hopeful about things working out well. You don’t see it falling apart as you still have the same love for your spouse.


It is very important that you assure him of all possible efforts from your end to survive this crisis and enlighten the relationship again.

Leave the past

Make sure that you leave the past and move ahead without keeping any grudges in your heart. Remember, it is well reflected from your behavior if you’re completely into it or making a compromise somewhere, so be real and natural.

Every relationship has a phase when it undergoes certain crisis, as a rational partner it is your responsibility to give a new life to a sinking relationship and be happy.