What compels women for infidelity?

Infidel woman
Infidel woman
Infidel woman

To many it would be a strange thing to hear that, there is woman who is loyal to her boyfriend yet, she cheats him upon. This could be quite confusing for those who think that loyalty and cheating can never co-exist. But they do, under special cases when a woman loves her man quite largely, at the same time she does not mind exchanging notes with another one.

How does she manage to maintain the two?

While she is chatting on the net, she may come across a man whom she could be interested in. there could be certain traits in this man, which are quite liked by this lady and probably she could not get them in her own man. Not that, her man is smaller, but this man probably holds some trait which she always wanted her partner to have. By expressing her interest in someone else, she does not mean to be disloyal to her man but she doesn’t stop her urge to be in touch with the other too.

What is it that drives for a parallel relationship?

There are many factors which can force a woman to get into infidelity, some of them could be:

  • A disturbed childhood, when she saw tremendous changes, fights between her parents, ignorant parenting and may be too much of dominance from all around.
  • Schooling when she never could get adequate attention from the teachers and friends and she always craved for one.
  • She never experienced a healthy and happy home environment. There were differences amongst the parents, which led to a painful and fearful childhood.
  • She wanted to be appreciated, but, she never got enough appreciation and recognition or any of her acts.
  • She is sure about her partner and she loves him too, but the new man in her life probably has some striking quality which has caught her attention.
  • She is not getting enough time from her existing relationship, and she needs to vent out, she needs to share so when she gets a source where she can drive pleasure from, she tends to get into it.
  • She wanted to get lot of love, but, she never got it from anywhere, neither from the parents, nor from her boyfriend. When she gets a ray of hope she jumps for it and wants to grab it sooner than possible.
  • She wants something more from her existing relationship, but, she could not get it and therefore she looks for more avenues in life.
  • She may be wanting a change for a brief period from her present association and add spice to her life, so she goes for someone else.

There are many factors which turn woman into an infidel one, and all these reasons are not illogical. There are more of psychological reasons to infidelity and even the past life is also equally responsible for a woman behaving unfaithfully. One needs to evaluate this reason before reaching at any conclusion.