What makes Kris and Bruce Jenner’s marriage an ailment?

Rocking Marriage of Kris and Bruce Jenner
Rocking Marriage of Kris and Bruce Jenner

Kris and Bruce Jenner have been married for the last 21 years, But, media informs that the bond is rocking after Kris was caught flirting with another man in her life.Reasons behind rocking marriage

The marriage is rocking because; Bruce supposedly witnessed his wife sending romantic emails to her former “Boyfriend” Todd Waterman. The wife was signing off as “XOXO” while Bruce walked into the room during this “mail ceremony”.

Todd and Kris had affair years back, when the lady had an affair with him while she was married to Robert Kardashian.

The informers report that this isn’t a signle reason for the rocking relationship.

The recent development

A source informs that Kris and Todd went on a date quite recently. And this is a clear indication that she still holds strong feelings for the past relationship.

Kris exchanged contact information with Todd when she met him on a recent occasion, and she also gave him a prolonged hug.

According to an insider, the old relations could be hurting Bruce, as the two have been exchanging “sweet and romantic emails” and are also trying to build up a new bond all over again.

The realization coming from Kris

Kris though had decided to meet Todd but, then she realized that her break up with Robert Kardashian was mainly due to Todd, and this made her change her mind. She also seemed prepared to share her recent thoughts for and against Todd with her husband Bruce Jenner. Her close friends warned her off meeting with Todd as they observe it as a betrayal to Bruce.

The possible reaction coming from Bruce

When Kris would admit her mistake before Bruce, he may not take it as easily as she expects. He would also put questions like there was no need of even trying to contact him or exchange any contacts with him if she did not want to get back to him. And this sounds quite logical.

However, the recent controversy of meeting Todd has set a fire in the smooth relationship of Kris and Bruce Jenner, making things uncomfortable for both of them. It is mainly up to Kris to make things clear to Bruce and ensure that their marital bond comes back on track as before.