What makes you get stuck in an unhealthy marriage?

Getting stuck in a bad marriage
Stuck in a bad marriage
Stuck in a bad marriage

There are many things that could restrict you from dissolving a dying marriage. When you realize that your marriage is not working anymore and you want to come out of it yet, you can’t because there are very many other considerations you need to make.

Things that force you to rethink on breaking your marriage are:

  • Social stigma: You may be fearful about the perspective that others would hold for you. You may be unprepared to face the world when they may ask you about the reasons of dissolving your marriage. And hence you don’t want to go for it.
  • Uncertain future: You are not sure about your future after breaking the marriage. And hence you want to be in the same relationship that you have been.
  • Comfort zone: You have developed a comfort zone with the present relationship, the house and many other things that revolve around your marriage. Therefore, you don’t want to leave all this and move for a change in life.
  • Not sure about your decision: You don’t want to take the risk of taking a decision and sticking to the same. You don’t know if your decision would do good to you or it would make things worse. So, you prefer staying in the same relationship which derives you no pleasure.
  • Children: if you have a child or children out of marriage then you are sure to think about them. Yu know it well that your kids need both the parents otherwise their childhood and bringing would remain incomplete.
  • Your savings and joint accounts: Both you might have been operating saving options jointly and this could be a cause of concern. However, you can seek to an expert and find out the ways of parting from your spouse without losing any of your savings.
  • Property: It is not so that you are lustrous about the property but you could be worried about a place to live. Since you have a secured place, you don’t want to come out of it and hunt for a new settlement all over again.
  • You are too tired: This could be your second marriage and you have ben through the process of divorce already once before. Now, you don’t have the mental energy to take it once again. All you want to do is to drag with the current marriage because you don’t want to experiment any further in life.

Coming out of a marriage is actually tough stance to make. Even if one is living a rotten and dying relationship, one may not be able to make a decision that easily. There could be a large number of considerations to be made before reaching conclusion. This cannot be termed as irrational or unjustified. Dissolving a marriage is a big decision in life and hence it needs a lot of careful investigation about the pros and cons. Some of the valid but the others cannot be termed as absolutely invalid.