When it takes time for the in law family to accept you

In laws taking time to accept
In laws taking time to accept

About to get married? Have already got married? And the in law family is not willing to accept you?

If you are facing these issues then don’t get disheartened. There is always a way out to this. And this issue is more common with girls than men.

Why are they not ready to accept you?

First of all you need to understand that there are most of the marriages and families who take time to accept the “new bride” because she is considered to be a “new entry”. There could be following reasons for you not being accepted by the new family:

  • People do think that you are entering their territory and you should be the one making all possible adjustments.
  • If it is a cross cultural marriage then, there could be a “barrier” in their minds for you and they will take time to accept you.
  • If the in laws stopped your spouse form marrying you for their own obvious reason then slow they will not accept you easily because mainly their ego does not allow them to do so.
  • They might have a plan for their daughter in law, and unfortunately, you don’t fit into that identity.
  • They might be jealous of your beauty, your intelligence, your success and many more things.
  • They are unsecured about sharing their son, their brother with you.

What is it that you can do from your end?

  • Never have a give up attitude.
  • Never let them know that you are hurt and in pain due to their non-accepting attitude.
  • Be good to them but you don’t have to be sub-servant or you don’t have to be extra sweet.
  • Be tactful and send a message to them and even to your husband that you are trying your level best to integrate and accept the family.
  • Make them feel secured about their son or brother.
  • Make them understand that you are talented yet you are making adjustment to be a part of their family.
  • Own them up, and never ridicule them even if they go wrong.
  • Have a positive body language.
  • Keep talking to your husband without getting irritated and mention the daily events, big or small very lightly, neither as a complaint nor as a pain. Let it be simple information so that he is aware of their deeds and your efforts.
  • Look for an opportunity when you can stand by their sides if any of them falls into a problem.
  • Give them some time to accept you instead of being in a hurry to get integrated with the family.

Marrying a person is not easy because you have to accept the family associated with him and get accepted by the. It is all about human brain and heart so the process is quite complicated than it seems to be. Don’t be in a hurry, patience pays and it certainly does. So, ensure that you don’t go wrong and sooner later you will see yourself in a better position.