Why are men more prone to Infidelity?

Men and Infidelity
Men and Infidelity

They say, Men are more attracted by the “looks” and probably this is the reason “love at first sight” is quite common with men than with women.

Yes, if you look at the love stories around you will certainly see that the man fell for the woman first. And to achieve his desire he keeps following the lady to catch her attention, which has made a background to many stories and films in the Hollywood too.

The evidences when men have proven themselves to be more prone towards physical attraction

  • When you see an advertisement on a TV channel about KFC, a woman in spite of being fond of the food shown on the screen controls herself rather ignores her wishes. On the other hand, a man finds it difficult to ignore or avoid, rather he prefers taking out the car and getting aide for himself as well as his family.
  • When he sees a girl in spite of being married he tends to get attracted towards her, whereas a woman rarely takes a look at a man when she is walking down the road with her husband.

The possible reasons behind such behaviour

  • Self-control: A woman by nature possesses more of “self-control” and can twist her desires according to the situation. But, a man is found to be going by his desires. He doesn’t want to miss upon the fun and wants to enjoy every minute of his life. This shows that few of the men can exert “self-control”.
  • Spontaneity: Men by nature are spontaneous, and hence infatuation is more often noticed in men than women. Probably this is the reason why mothers are rarely found to be roaming around with another man whereas fathers don’t mind taking a few sips of coffee with another woman in office.
  • Observance of rights: Some men take it for granted that spending a few minutes with somebody other than his own lady is not a sin and hence. There is no sign of guilty conscious when they get into something like this. They can easily forgive themselves.

The consequences

Even though a man has less of self-control, he is more spontaneous and wants to enjoy his rights, yet he does not mean to cause any harm to people around him, especially his wife or children. But, as a consequence the smaller events and “momentary bonds” do take up the shape of “infidelity” for which many of them are seen regretting later. Sometimes, the consequences are quite serious because if the wife is in a decisive mode then she might pull herself out of this kind of a relationship.

To conclude we can say that, men probably don’t want to cause any harm to themselves or their families, though, their spontaneous reactions may cost them larger than they could even think of. And this is exactly why they say that men are more prone to “infidelity” even though they might not mean and plan a serious and a long term relationship with the person other than their own spouse.