Why are some women reluctant to leave an abusive relationship?

Woman in domestic violence

An abusive relationship will always have two components, there would be one who dominates and ill-treats the weaker character and the other who undergoes abuse.

However, one component would not drag or even exist in the absence of the other and it works absolutely like a chemistry bond.

Who suffers the most?

A survey indicates that “abuse” can be of various types. It may range from a wife being abuses by her husband, a child being abused by her parents and so on, but the most common one in a society is the first kind. Here the chemistry between a man and a woman is such that one massages his ego by physically, emotionally, verbally and mentally giving pains to the woman counterpart.

Why is it so that some women do not want to come out of such a relationship?

Amazingly, there are some women who do not want to come out of an abusive relationship. It is difficult to pin point a reason because such women do not even want to talk about their situation. However, some of the possible causes are mentioned below:

  • They get used to living in a condition, which in spite of being detrimental in many ways gets difficult to get separated from them.
  • The fear of being judged comes in their mind because in many such cases the woman does not even share her problems with the closest of people.
  • There are children associated with them, and sometimes, the man is surprisingly good to the kids so the woman does not want her children to get deprived of their father’s love.
  • Economically, they might not be too independent to be sure about their survival and even that of their kids, so they prefer tolerating the pain than to get into an uncertain future.
  • Many a times, they are not aware of the laws which are meant to protect them against such atrocities, so they continue with the pain.
  • It is the social stigma in many cases which holds them back from taking a legal step.
  • Every time the husband abuses the wife, he says “sorry” and makes promises of not repeating what he did. But, in reality it is something else and he lands up doing the same act again and again.
  • The woman keeps hoping for a change in her husband and keeps waiting endlessly.
  • She remembers the initial days of their relationship when she was the most adored person in his life and she keeps waiting for the same old days to come back.
  • She does not get enough support from the society for bringing up the issue and hence prefers to be silent about it.


Any such situation demands a strong support from family members and especially the parents. So, it is important that a woman is provided enough support to combat and fight back such an evil in her life. And for this the society has to stop getting judgemental towards the woman trying to come out of such abusive relationships.