Women prefer faithfulness or money in a partner

Faith and money
Faith and money

Woman falling in love with a man looks for a lot of support from him. The support could be physical, emotional, economical or any other kind. The wish list of a woman can be longer than one can think of. There are two important aspects she expects in her partner, one is faithfulness and the other is money.

A woman who believes in “soul mates” would probably prefer a faithful partner than a rich one. For her, the trust in a relationship would take over anything else. She wants peace of mind and a relationship which would give her a lot of strength.

Yes, a relationship which is filled with trust will automatically be filled with love and respect; hence it gives strength to the beholder.

The beholder knows that come what may the partner is never going to cheat upon. She also knows that she will get adequate support from her partner under any given circumstances.

She feels confident when she know that she a trustworthy partner who will protect her from any evens of life and will stand by her side when she seeks assurance.

However there could be another group of woman who would not prefer “trust” rather “money” would be there preference. They are not wrong, you never know if they have faced a lot of monetary crisis in their lives. The crisis has forced them to keep money ahead of anything else. They might have missed a lot due to lack of money, which they now want to achieve even if it is through partner.

There could be even other category of women who would prefer money to anything else not because of any ill past experience but me because they have a lust for money. If some people can have lust for power, what’s wrong in having the same for money?

Whether a woman would prioritize money or trust in her relationship is solely her own decision. There are circumstances and experiences in life which drive one’s thought and expectations. It would be wrong to make a judgement on this priority.

Everything is justified in a relationship if both the partners are happy, content and satisfied with it.

Where trust provides ample security to the woman, money also provides her the strength to fight back any unforeseen and evil situation in life.