Would you like to know more about abusive men?

Abusive Man
Abusive Man
Abusive Man

There are many things that people know about abusive men, but, there could be even more that may help you to deal with such men.

The changes in a man

When you meet a man and fall for him, you will find yourself quite comfortable with him. You will probably thank your stars for having such a lovely man in life. One fine day you may see him reacting violently if not with you but may be with someone else and that day your impression about this man would change.

You are stuck

In most of the cases, you get to see a changed facia only after a point when you have gone deep into the relationship. By then, you may have got enough love from him and a few days go by in thinking if the “aggression” in the man is permanent or the love he has been showering upon you is real. You are stuck because you don’t want to deny what you have been experiencing since the beginning of your association or what you experienced just now.

Such men behave aggressively because….

  • They may be disturbed internally and no one took care of this trait of theirs. Today it has taken such a big shape that it seems to be irreparable.
  • They may be mentally disturbed and you may find a neurological disorder in them which disturbs their hormone secretion and hence turning them to get abusive.
  • They may be disturbed due to a “deep rooted pain” in childhood or loss of employment or it could even be some kind of addiction which makes them insane.

Such men do change…..

Is only a myth and remotely linked with reality. It should not be forgotten that it abusing others is an inherent character in them and it is almost a permanent feature which they can never get rid of.

Many women keep tolerating the abuse coming from their men with a hope that things would change with time. However, there is rarely an example where things have actually changed. So, it might sound a little “pessimistic” but hoping anything better from such men is asking for a lot.

A social and not a personal problem

When a man beats his wife, many of us turn our eyes somewhere else thinking that it’s an issue between a couples. But, the fact is, this is a social problem which cannot be ignored, because ignorance will aggravate the subject instead of putting any control on it.

Men responsible for conducting violence in the family are basically weak from within and the only person they can take their frustration out is the women who are physically weaker than a man. They know it for sure and that gives them the confidence of ill-treating the women in their periphery which is the “wife” in most of the cases. Women being victimized needs to think of coming out any such hell so that she can live a healthy life for herself.