Would you prefer an extra-marital affair to revive your marriage?

Extra- Marital Affair
Extra- Marital Affair

Certainly not, for most of us the answer would be a “NO”. There are times in your marriage when things might not have been working out between the two of you for quite some time now. But, that does never give you the privilege to fall in love without another person breaching the trust of your partner.You would be surprised to know that there are spouses who are so sure of their partners not falling for another person, in spite of well understanding the fact that things are not on the track for the couple.

Is extra marital affair the beginning or the end?

Actually, this is the beginning and the end both. When you break the trust of this relationship which is solely based upon trust, you begin an era of “distrust” and “dishonesty” in your life. On the other hand, you end the faith your partner has been reposing in you and the relationship. The faith which has kept you and your spouse still trying to work out the best things for both of you.

Is extramarital affair the only option?

Never, when you realize that things are not working out between he two of you, the bet is to sit and talk. There are many more constructive approaches. You can consult a counsellor or talk to a freeing who is worth trusting and discuss your challenges.

But, falling in love with another person will nothing but make things even worse. So worse, that braekign the marriage will be the only option.

Will you be succeeding in the extra marital relationship?

Chances are quite bleak. And, this is mainly because; the new person in your life will have tough time trusting you. He or she might think that if you are not trustworthy to your existing partner, you will probably not make a good spouse for the new person too. There is a difference in making a new relationship after you have come out of the old one, but being into the old one and then going around with someone else will have a negative impact on all aspects of your life.

Extra- marital affair is always an “extra baggage” in your life. It can rarely bring a true happiness to you. Hence, leave out such options and concentrate on repairing the existing the relationship you are into.