You have been caught of Cheating, what to do next?


You have been caught of Cheating, what to do next?You are married and made the mistake of cheating; you might wonder what to do so that your marriage does not end.

Even if you had an affair and made your spouse angry, still your marriage can survive if you are really sorry for cheating and you have no regrets that you were caught.

How to continue with the marital tie?

Remember that probably your partner is in a state of shock upon discovering your extra marital affair. But to reconstruct your marriage and heal the wound which have been caused by you, you need to follow some steps.

Steps to follow:

Choose the way that is easiest for you. Give a thoughtful consideration to the issue. If you still have feelings for your spouse and want to rebuild the relation, again you should handle the situation very tactfully. You can face the situation and be calm. First of all just listen what your partner has to say. Then tell what you feel.

Some don’ts:

Do not go through a third person. The relationship is between both of you. The discussion should be in the same way. If you can do so, there will be no misunderstandings.

What to do?

  1. Stop telling lies – Do not make excuses for the affair. Do not justify your cheating. There cannot be any logical justification for cheating.
  2. Quit cheating – Stop the cheating at once. Terminate your affair at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Do not blame your partner – You have gone out of your marriage before cheating, and decided to continue with the affair. So the blame is upon your shoulders only.
  4. Have patience – Do not expect your spouse to trust you again as soon as you wish. Give time to regain the faith of your spouse.
  5. Apologize to your spouse – Tell your spouse that you are sorry for what happened. Also let your spouse know that you still want to continue with your marriage.
  6. You have to be honest – Try to be honest both with yourself and with your spouse if you wish to maintain the marital bond.
  7. Be transparent – Be open and let your spouse know what you are doing and where you are going, etc. Do not hide things from your spouse.
  8. Spend time with your spouse Try to spend some time alone with your spouse and make him or her feel that it is your choice to be together.
  9. Go for counseling – If your spouse chooses to go to a marriage counselor, agree to the proposal. Show that you are really serious about rebuilding your relation. Be open to discuss and identify the vital issues of your own life and your marriage.