Open Relationship What to Expect and How to Deal

Open relationship
Open relationship

An open relationship is a taboo for some, for some it is a source of youthfulness. Some may consider it as a betrayal while others will consider it as being plain honest to your partner. To be honest there is nothing to be paranoid about the idea of an open relationship as it dates back to our ancestral times.

You can say that an open relationship is an old gift wrapped in a new gift paper. An open relationship is a camouflage of charm and lust at the beginning. However, most of the times, as emotions get complicated hence the relationship too will get uber complicated in the future.

There are few ground rules which you should know before you step into an open relationship. Treat yourself with the experiences shared by a bunch of folks who have been in such relations. Let us dig in

Open relationship

“Honesty” is Surely The Best Policy

If you have made the decision to enter the parallel universe made of love, lust, cravings, romance and fewer emotions it is mandatory, to be honest. Being honest will make things easier and less complicated for you and everyone else in the relationship. Besides everyone has the right to know the truth. Right?

Open relationship

Think of the Possibilities

We live in a world full of possibilities. We humans have reached Moon and Mars but are incapable of dealing with emotions of a fellow human being. A successful open relationship is not a myth but, to be in one, you need to believe in a set of possibilities that may or may not occur. For example, you planned to be a part of a relation which involves two or more partners. The idea of being in an open relationship gave you an adrenaline rush at the beginning. But later you may feel emotionally drained out or over emotional at times. Just imagine the worst case scenario in your mind before you jump to any conclusions.

Open relationship Everything That Glitters is Not GOLD

The type of surrounding we live in, an open relationship will always excite us. Repeat after me- “If someone is having an open relationship it doesn’t mean, I too have to be in one.” Let people do their thing and you do yours.  If you are already in such a relation try being as smart & grounded as possible. Think, analyze and then react.

Open relationship

Be Ready for Top Notch Insecurities

Being in an open relationship means one has to deal with jealousy, constant mood swings, irritating conversations, and insecurities. It is a package deal. Being in an open relationship does not only mean that you can have the best of both worlds. It means that you have to share your partner with someone else. Be ready to share everything EVEN your partner. A spoonful of insecurity? Yes, please!

Open relationship

Serious Q&A Sessions on the Way

What are our priorities? Are we ready for this? Can we deal with this situation? How much space or closeness do we want? These questions will arise between you and your partner. You should not run from such situations but sit down with each other and talk. Ask as much appropriate (or inappropriate) questions as possible. Trust me it is for your betterment.

*Confusion Zone. Enter at your own risk*.

Open relationship

Be Prepared for Some Serious CONFUSION

The idea of open relationship surely makes us think twice. So if you are or want to be in such a relation be prepared for confusing questions and people all the time. Beware, as people won’t get along with you that much. Your friends may consider you as an alien. Of course, be prepared to be socially awkward all the time. People will question you and your relation. So what? Let them do that. If you are happy with what you have (or will have) then you need not worry about anything.

It is My Choice

Stepping in or out of any relationship is not easy. It never will be. You have to be smart. No matter what the situation is (good or bad); you have to deal with it on YOUR own. An open relationship is neither a taboo nor a blessing. It is just a matter of choice.

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