Fashion Blunders of Celebrities!!!

Compilation of some freak incidents with Celebrities attributed to faulty dress designs

Some Fashion Blunders of Celebrities
Some Fashion Blunders of Celebrities


Fashion Blunders of Celebrities!!!

People wait for award functions to just see what the celebrities would don however all becomes all the more exciting when some dysfunctions happen in the celebrity attire or say when some fashion blunders happen. Nowadays, thanks to technology everything gets viral in just fraction of seconds. Be it Oscar’s night or Canes festival, people wait to observe and report wardrobe malfunctions or any blunder that make these celebrity distress.

Wardrobe malfunctioning – a common blunder

When any such fashion blunders happen, few people call it publicity stunt however others take it as just an accident. But, what Tallia Strom did at Jack Reacher London premier was really an accident or a publicity stunt. She wore nothing under her tuxedo suit for the event that was held in Leicester Square where while walking on the Red carpet, her jacket suddenly slipped.

Another such incident was reported where Janet Jackson faced wardrobe malfunction while she was performing along with Justine Timberlake. Almost 140 million people saw this incident. For celebrities, it might be a publicity stunt but for viewers, it might be a shock and surprise altogether.

Choose right outfits

These celebrities have enough money to spend on their wardrobe then why do they prefer to wear skimpy or ill-fitting clothes on such important events. One embarrassing incident that happened with Lindsay Lohan was when her short dress blew away with a gust of wind and allowed cameras a hay time leaving her full of embarrassment.

Another famous incident was that of Tara Reid that gave her a shock. When she was posing in front of the camera with her strappy dress suddenly, a strap of her dress fell off and exposed her completely in front of public. She herself took some seconds to realize the blunder that had happened.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Assault – yet another blunder

Madonna’s onstage blunder while performing live with Drake was when she smooched him center stage. It was more of an assault and left Queen of Pop offended. These celebrities don’t even realize that these moments of few seconds can become a big trouble for them and people remember it for years.

Anybody who claims that they have never felt embarrassed are telling lie as everybody has faced that embarrassing moment when people are watching you  and you have nothing much to say. But, when celebrities are caught in this situation then the whole incident goes viral among masses in micro seconds due to their celebrity status.

One such incident that was hilarious for everybody but embarrassing for Britney was her fishnet stockings getting ripped while her performance on the stage. May be the stockings were not strong enough to take more of her muscular thighs.

The list is never ending but we also need to accept the fact that nobody’s perfect and the biggest tragedy for these celebrities is that the camera keeps following them making a small error turn in to a blunder.